Greetings and welcome to Be⭐️Luminous with me (Beau), a page that is dedicated to self-directed alternative therapy and healing.

I am a creative, queer individualist and mystic whose passion is to assist those who are seeking alternative ways to find their soul purpose and hearts desire. My journey towards self-directed healing took flight when I decided to seek alternative medicines and therapies to help overcome dis-ease surrounding mental health, trauma and addiction healing. Over the years that followed I have been able to find peace and clarity surrounding my place in the world and the mission I have set out to do.

Since then I have investigated deeper and explored many mystical, spiritual and philosophical approaches to healing. These explorations of self led me towards meditation, queer ritual studies, Universal truths, chakra studies, crystal healing, authentic expression and communication exercises and most recently self-illuminating quantum healing techniques.

Now that I have integrated and embodied these experiences within, I feel that now is the time to share this knowledge and support individuals who are seeking a similar path.

I am forever humbled to be able to share such transformative and awakening moments with those who decide to embark on this journey. Through my own exploration, it is my belief that once we can heal, integrate and take responsibility for our own experiences, we will all remember and awaken ourselves as the divine creator beings that we truly are.

Below is a brief description of what self-illuminating quantum healing is and a list of the many reasons people have decided to try this type of healing and self discovery. All sessions can be held in-person or remotely.

SIQH – Self Illuminating Quantum Healing is a method of transformation and awakening. The sessions incorporate heart sharing, meditative practices, hypnosis skills and energy healing that in turn activates multidimensional healing through a direct connection with your higher self/soul essence. The higher self is also known as the monadic self and is the part of our ‘beingness’ that connects us to the higher dimensions of existence, pre-existent source energy, our star families and ancestors that exist beyond the 3D matrix. SIQH ultimately allows you to cultivate deeper awareness and understanding, so that you can instantly heal your mind, body and soul from the inside out whilst simultaneously expanding in consciousness.

SIQH can help us to find the answers we are seeking to the many trials and tribulations we face day to day. Here are just some of the reasons people have decided to take this journey:

⭐️Purpose and Path⭐️Relationship queries⭐️Career/Employment questions⭐️Addiction Healing⭐️Resolving Trauma⭐️Guidance on big life decisions⭐️Defeating limiting and self sabotaging patterns⭐️dream explanations⭐️Closure with loved ones who have passed on⭐️Strange life events such as missing time⭐️Phobias and fears⭐️Ascension and paradigm questions⭐️

If you are curious and would like to know some more information on this revolutionary healing tool please send a message below.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Beau ⭐️